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What is an UnHealthy Soul Tie?

In recognition of Domestic Violence month, I want to share a snippet of my story as it relates to Soul Ties. Soul Ties are emotional bonds that form an attachment. It is not uncommon for individuals to form attachments but when it becomes unhealthy that is when it is a problem... A constant tug and war between the mind and heart. I can speak on this because I too have experienced unhealthy soul ties. I was involved with a man who I thought I would spend the rest of my life with but he turned out to be Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde wrapped into one. It was like an emotional roller coaster. One minute we're good, the next we're not. It didn't start out like that. He started out so loving and attentive. This lasted for about one year then his representative left and I was presented with a person who I did not know. A person who would abuse me with words and manipulation. A person who would lie and call me names. A person who spoke Jesus on Sunday only to turn around to speak blasphemy. I know you're probably said why didn't I just leave. Believe me I wanted to but our souls were tied so strong that I did not see my way out. When I eventually built up the strength to leave I was right back with him...right back to the name calling and manipulation. It took me another year to get the courage to leave for good.

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