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3 Months Coaching  Programs


Evolve 2 Elevate is a 3 month Faith based coaching program established to help you develop a step by
step plan of action so you can start living an evolving life with confidence, purpose, faith and


  • Are you struggling to identify your purpose?

  • Are you struggling with moving pass your past?

  • Are you feeling stuck without direction?

  • Are you looking for clarity and direction in your life, business, ministry and or career?

  • Are you ready to be free from emotional soul ties?

If you said yes to any of these questions it is not by accident that you are reading this. We will help you
lay out a step by step action plan designed just for you. This plan will be a simplified approach to stretch
you to Evolve and Elevate.

Tamika can help you evolve in your personal, professional and spiritual life by coaching you to:


  • Shift into a victorious mind set, which will lead to living a healthier, happier and more successful life.

  • Find and walk into purpose with power and authority

  • Increase your confidence to recognize your self-worth and walk in boldness

  • Replace limiting thoughts that are holding you back with positive affirmations and mindfulness techniques that will move you forward.

  • Develop greater self-awareness, self-control, discipline, focus, emotional stability anddetermination.

  • Achieve the goals you set and finish what you start through accountability and motivation with coaching.

  • How to write out daily, weekly, monthly action plans.


Also, in this coaching program you will receive:


  • Monthly one-on-one virtual coaching calls for 3 months.

  • Monthly group sessions for 3 months.

  • Monthly recording of all sessions.

  • Planner to track your progress and record your victories.

Tamika Fussell is a sought after Personal and Spiritual Coach who has chosen to dedicate her life to help and empower women to discover their purpose, reach their personal, professional and spiritual goals and create the life they desire.

As the founder of Evolve 2 Elevate, Tamika knows what it takes mentally, emotionally and spiritually to transform from broken to whole and fulfilled. Through her unique coaching style, Tamika empowers women to discover solutions to their problems and gain confidence needed to reach their full potential. Tamika uses her years of education, personal experiences and spiritual wisdom acquired through her own life lessons to help her clients better understand why they are running into certain obstacles and how they can overcome them with confidence.

Tamika is well-equipped to coach you to evolve and elevate. Her coaching style guarantees that you will gain an empowering perspective on life and be better prepared to walk in your power and authority of your life. You will receive lifelong tools that will assist you to be successful in your personal, professional and spiritual life. With Tamika as your coach, you will be in a position to elevate to new levels.

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